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Indonesia: FLEGT-licensed products on 15 November 2016


Indonesia: FLEGT-licensed products on 15 November 2016

From the 15th November 2016, Indonesia will begin shipping FLEGT-licensed products meaning that all Indonesian exports to the EU of timber products covered by Indonesia’s timber legality assurance system must be accompanied by FLEGT licences.

Products covered by the Indonesian FLEGT licensing scheme include all those for which the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) requires due diligence. In addition to the minimum requirements of the product scope of a VPA, the Indonesian FLEGT licensing scheme also covers furniture, fuel wood, wooden tools, wooden packing material, builders' joinery and carpentry of wood, wood pulp, paper and paper products, kitchen and tableware, and other products. 

  • The VPA also describes products that cannot be legally exported from Indonesia, such as logs and large dimension sawn timber. These products cannot be FLEGT licensed.

Products made from rattan or bamboo (non-wooden materials), or paper made from recycled material, are excluded from the VPA and the FLEGT licensing scheme because they are not covered by the timber legality assurance system.