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Sebastiano Cerullo: new General Manager of Federlegno Arredo


Sebastiano Cerullo: new General Manager of Federlegno Arredo

Sebastiano Cerullo took his degree in Forestry and has authored numerous national reference publications. He has worked for FederlegnoArredo for the last 20 years, not least at the helm of Assolegno and Assoimballaggi, and in 2011 became coordinator of all the activities carried out within the Wood Division, a sector that has seen the highest membership hike in the entire Federation. He was appointed Deputy Director of FederlegnoArredo in 2015. 

One of the fundamental General Management tasks will be to develop associative activities by ensuring a tangible presence throughout Italy to provide concrete responses to our 2700 business members, and reiterate our commitment to innovation with regard to Federation activities. 

In taking up his position as General Manager, Sebastiano Cerullo thanked the President and the Board of Directors, stressing: “Our duty is to continue to be of service to our companies, taking forward the directions from the Federation’s new presidency and its management. Making our presence felt throughout the country for and with our companies will be one of FederlegnoArredo’s prime objectives, thanks to the active contribution of our member companies and a policy of listening and sharing.”