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Question for Written Answer: Subsidies for forestry management


Question for Written Answer: Subsidies for forestry management

Question for written answer to the European Commission (Rule 138) by Stanislav Pol?ák (PPE) on ‘Subsidies for forestry management’.

Question for written answer P-002357-19
to the Commission 
Rule 138
Stanislav Pol?ák (PPE)

Subject: Subsidies for forestry management

The Czech Republic, through its Ministry of Agriculture, is seeking to amend the subsidy framework for the provision of financial contributions to forestry management. According to information I have obtained, forest owners have long been awaiting a decision from the Commission on aid. As a consequence of this, and against the backdrop of a long drought and a catastrophe caused by bark beetles, forest owners are facing financial difficulties.

When was the application submitted by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture?

What is the reason for the delay? What requests for additional information has the Commission made with regard to this application?

My second question concerns a subsidy title for dealing with the consequences of bark beetle infestation, for which the Czech Republic applied for pre-notification. What is the status of the procedure and can it be expected that the application will be granted?

Given the extent of the damage caused by bark beetles and its implications for owners of damaged forests, this would be highly desirable.