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Wood From Finland 2020 Conference: 13.02.2020


Wood From Finland 2020 Conference: 13.02.2020

The global sawn softwood trade is experiencing major challenges in the midst deteriorating global growth, natural disasters resulting in oversupply of defected logs, protectionism and increasing political tensions. However, the fundamentals of softwood demand are still sound. Increasing population and climate change mitigation are promoting the consumption of wood coming from sustainable sources. 
Finland is the fourth largest softwood exporter in the world. Despite of our long traditions within the forest industries, our forests have more wood and they grow faster than ever. The forest industries are, again, the backbone of the Finnish economy.
How does the new Finnish Parliament see the future of the forest industries? How do the activities related to climate change mitigation affect the Finnish Sawmills? Will Finnish Sawmills lean on Asia also in the future?
Welcome to the 18th Wood from Finland Conference on the 13th of February 2020 to hear the latest outlook and views of the trade and enjoy the international relaxed atmosphere in Helsinki.


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