European forests

Conserving biodiversity through sustainable forestry management

260.000 jobs in Europe

Bringing social and economic added value to rural areas

Use more wood

Reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change

Building with wood

A natural, strong, durable and recyclable material

The Bioeconomy Celebrates Nature: World Bioeconomy Forum -REGISTER NOW


The Bioeconomy Celebrates Nature: World Bioeconomy Forum -REGISTER NOW

Bringing leading edge circular bioeconomy stakeholders around the same table to share and learn from each other. The World Bioeconomy Forum is shaping the bioeconomy by continuous dialogue and major statements are summarised in the Declaration, which is again published in the end of Forum 2020. In the middle of these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the Advisory Board has made the responsible decision to move the World Bioeconomy Forum 2020 online. By doing so, the Forum will reach out to its followers from all over the world. We will provide easy access from wherever you are – at home, in the office – over the Internet. Join us at the World Bioeconomy Forum 2020! Hard talk – Relaxed environment – Easy Access.

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World Bioeconomy Forum

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