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Joint Statement on the Renovation Wave


Joint Statement on the Renovation Wave

EPF, EFBWW, CEI-Bois, FEP & EOS published a joint paper on the Renovation Wave strategy.

The undersigned, warmly welcome the publication by the European Commission of the Renovation Wave Strategy on 14 October as it holds tremendous potential to boost regenerative growth and to create a substantial amount of sustainable jobs throughout the Union.

The signatories therefore believe that it is essential that the renovation principles should be now implemented through the National Energy & Climate Plans (NECPs) and the Long-Term Renovation Strategies (LTRSs) to take an important leap forward in the achievement of the objectives of the European Green Deal to enhance energy efficiency, fight energy poverty and to provide better living conditions for EU citizens EU-wide. The Woodworking sector is convinced that there is now a unique opportunity to turn the EU built environment into a carbon sink to meet the net zero objectives by 2050.

Download the joint paper HERE.