European forests

Conserving biodiversity through sustainable forestry management

260.000 jobs in Europe

Bringing social and economic added value to rural areas

Use more wood

Reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change

Building with wood

A natural, strong, durable and recyclable material

Seeing the wood in the forests


Seeing the wood in the forests

Forests, sustainable forest management and forest-based solutions can catalyse this transformation: advancing the bioeconomy while enhancing biodiversity and supporting wealth creation in rural and urban areas. Wood, the most versatile renewable material on earth, will play a key role. To mitigate climate change, we have to replace fossil-based materials like concrete, steel, plastics or synthetic textiles with renewable materials. Sustainable, wood-based solutions are fundamental in achieving this. However, it is important to emphasise that the most immediate means for a sustainable future is reducing consumption. This will help in climate change mitigation and in cutting resource use. It is also crucial to start using wood efficiently, for those purposes in which it has a comparative advantage from a sustainability and circular economy perspective relative to other materials.

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