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At a Glance: New circular economy action plan


At a Glance: New circular economy action plan

Source: European Parliament

Moving to a circular economy is key for achieving EU climate action, nature protection and sustainability ambitions, and also delivering benefits for innovation, growth and jobs. In its 2020 resolution on the European Green Deal, Parliament made clear that the new circular economy action plan needs to be ambitious. It must aim to reduce the total environmental and resource footprint of EU production and consumption while providing strong incentives for innovation, sustainable businesses and markets for climate-neutral and non-toxic circular products. During the February session, Parliament is expected to vote on an own-initiative report on the Commission's proposed plan for more circularity.

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EN: New circular economy action plan

FR: Nouveau plan d’action pour une économie circulaire

DE: Neuer Aktionsplan für die Kreislaufwirtschaft