European forests

Conserving biodiversity through sustainable forestry management

260.000 jobs in Europe

Bringing social and economic added value to rural areas

Use more wood

Reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change

Building with wood

A natural, strong, durable and recyclable material

Public Consultation: Sustainable products initiative


Public Consultation: Sustainable products initiative

Source: European Commission

Feedback period: 17 March 2021 - 09 June 2021  (midnight Brussels time)

The ‘‘European Green Deal’  is a growth strategy to transform the EU into a fairer and more prosperous society, with a modern, competitive, climate neutral and circular economy. As stated in the Commission’s strategic recovery package,2 in response to the dramatic and unprecedented effects of the COVID19 crisis, a collective and cohesive recovery that accelerates the twin green and digital transitions will only strengthen Europe’s competitiveness, resilience and position as a global player. We must invest in protecting and creating jobs and in driving our competitive sustainability by building a fairer, greener and more digital Europe. We must repair the short-term damage from the crisis in a way that also invests in our long-term future.

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