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Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: Public Consultation


Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: Public Consultation

The Commission launched  an open public consultation on revising the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) in the context of the European Green Deal ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

The feedback from this consultation will feed into the Commission’s preparation of legislative proposals for revising the directive, which is intended for publication before the end of the year.

The issues raised in the consultation relate primarily to ways in which building renovation can be boosted – not only in terms of the number of renovation projects, but also in trying to achieve deeper renovation. It also addresses how to attain a highly energy efficient and decarbonised building stock by 2050 and how to enable more accessible and affordable financing for building renovation under the recovery and resilience plans using the €750 billion funds in the recovery package.

In 2020, the Commission presented its ‘Renovation Wave’ strategy to boost energy renovation of buildings in the EU. It set out the goal of at least doubling the annual energy renovation rate of buildings by 2030, and highlighted the need for the necessary regulatory, financing and enabling measures to achieve this. Revising the EPBD is central to adapting our regulatory framework, and will follow on from a wide range of proposals in the ‘Fit for 55’ package, including proposed revisions to the Energy Efficiency Directive, due for presentation in June.   This consultation is open until the 22nd of June, please see this link or further below for more information how to participate.