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Russia's timber banned from use in all PEFC-certified products


Russia's timber banned from use in all PEFC-certified products

The international forest certification scheme PEFC has outlined that wood and wood-based materials from Russia and Belarus are conflict wood. In this way, companies should update the risk assessments required by the PEFC requirements and refrain from receiving conflict wood.

The use of wood covered by a certificate of origin before 2 March is not affected by the PEFC decision. The current policy on conflict trees is initially valid for six months. PEFC will make new decisions as needed.

With its decision, PEFC supports a UN General Assembly resolution calling on Russia and Belarus to end the illegal use of force and withdraw immediately from Ukraine.

The international PEFC organization has provided assistance to the PEFC organization in Ukraine. PEFC Finland and other national member organizations have expressed their support for their sister organization in Ukraine.

PEFC's certification system of origin covers more than 20,000 companies worldwide and their production facilities in more than 70 countries.