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New European Bauhaus project: regulotarory analysis


New European Bauhaus project: regulotarory analysis

Are you transforming places to make them more sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful? Which barriers or enablers have you encountered in the built environment and construction sector?

Within the New European Baughaus initiative, Covenant of Mayors' signatories are invited to participate to the "Regulatory analysis for the built environment" a survey by the New European Bauhaus by 30th of June 2022.

As a practitioner in the built and construction sector, architect, engineer, urban planner, company, or citizen, you can share an experience with regulatory challenges and opportunities on local, regional, national, and EU levels. Furthermore, you can submit a report (studies, scientific and policy papers) on regulatory analysis in the built environment to complement the mapping of experiences.

Your contributions we will be brought to the attention of relevant policymakers to identify ways to address barriers and improve the regulatory framework in the built sector in line with the objectives of New European Bauhaus.

You can access to the survey here!
Learn more about the New European Bauhaus initiative here!