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New EU Forest Strategy welcomed by the European Wood Industries


New EU Forest Strategy welcomed by the European Wood Industries

The European woodworking industries find much to welcome in the new EU forest strategy passed on 13 September by the European Parliament. ‘A new EU Forest Strategy for 2030 – Sustainable Forest Management in Europe’ is clear in its recognition of the ability of wood products to both store carbon and substitute for more carbon intensive materials. At the same time these wood products are both renewable and recyclable. CEI-Bois & EOS particularly welcome the recognition that “wood is the only significant natural renewable resource that has the potential to replace some very energy-intensive materials, such as cement and plastics, and will be in greater demand in the future".

Herbert Joebstl, President of EOS, said: “Members States should now create the right conditions to boost the entire sustainable forest bioeconomy and fully recognise the positive EU climate-change mitigation effects of increased carbon storage in harvested wood products and material substitution from increased wood construction”.

Download the full document HERE.