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LIFE programme: Call for climate action project proposals open


LIFE programme: Call for climate action project proposals open

On 19 may 2016, the  European Commission  launched the 2016 call for proposals for climate action projects under LIFE: the EU's funding programme for environment and climate action. The grants support projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to the impacts of climate change, and enhancing climate governance and information.

The 2016 call concerns "action grants" covering the following types of projects:

  1. Traditional projects include best practice, demonstration and pilot projects or information, awareness and dissemination projects
  2. Integrated projects support the implementation of environmental or climate plans or strategies on a large territorial scale
  3. Technical assistance projects help applicants prepare for integrated projects.

The call is open to public bodies, private commercial organisations and private non-commercial organisations (including NGOs) registered in the EU. The deadlines for submissions are in September 2016.

The LIFE Multiannual Work Programme 2014-2017 has a total budget of €1 796.3 million. Of this amount, €449.2 million is dedicated to the climate action sub-programme. €63.6 million is available for the 2016 call for proposals.

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