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MEP Maria Noichl New Chairwoman of the "Club du Bois"


MEP Maria Noichl New Chairwoman of the "Club du Bois"

The Parliament Magazine: Europe's Club du Bois: A foundation for jobs, growth, and climate goals?

Written by Maria Noichl MEP on 12 January 2015

Last September, as part of their activities in the club, the European panel federation (EPF), the European organisation of the sawmill industry (EOS) and the European confederation of woodworking industries (CEI-Bois) hosted the 'Wood action days' in front of the European parliament.

The event drew interest from over 40 MEPs and brought attention to the contribution wood could make to European sustainable and inclusive growth, namely that wood represents a long-term, environmentally sound and encompassing approach that reaches 56 per cent of the EU population living in rural communities (to continue)

About the author

Maria Noichl (S&D) is a new member of the European parliament representing the Bavarian regions of Oberbayern and Schwaben. She is a member of the agriculture and rural development committee as well as the committee on women's rights and gender equality and is the S&D group's shadow rapporteur for the new EU forest strategy.