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Sampsa Auvinen elected President of EOS


Sampsa Auvinen elected President of EOS

The General Assembly of the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry (EOS) that met in Vienna on 16 June 2015, unanimously elected Mr Sampsa Auvinen, CEO of Norvik Timber Industries (Latvia) as EOS President for a 2-year term. Mr Sampsa Auvinen was nominated in succession of Mr Måns Johansson, Managing Director of Vida Wood AB (Sweden).

Messrs Christoph Kulterer, CEO and Owner of Hasslacher Norica Timber Group (Austria) and Joël Lefebvre, Managing Director of Lefebvre Group (France) were elected as Vice-Presidents responsible for softwood and hardwood matters respectively.

Newly elected to the EOS Board of Directors was Mr. Kai Merivuori, Managing Director of the Finnish Sawmills Association Suomen Sahat ry.

The new EOS Board of Directors for the period 2015-2016 is composed of:

  • Mr Sampsa Auvinen, Norvik Timber (Latvia) President
  • Mr Christoph Kulterer, Haaslacher Holding GmbH (Austria) Vice-President for softwood
  • Mr Joël Lefebvre, Groupe Lefebvre (France), Vice-President for hardwood
  • Mr Constantin Arion, Forestfalt S.A. (Romania)
  • Mr Carsten Doehring, Ilim Timber Germany (Germany)
  • Mr Måns Johansson, Vida Wood AB (Sweden)
  • Mr Kai Merivuori, Suomen Sahat ry (Finland)
  • Mr Hans Michael Offner, Johann Offner Holzindustrie GmbH (honorary member, Austria)
  • Mr Ernest Schilliger, Schilliger Holz (Switzerland)
  • Mr Jean-Claude Sève, Monnet-Sève SA (France)


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