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ISC 2015:Conference presents global softwood snapshot


ISC 2015:Conference presents global softwood snapshot

The  Conference covers the bases – from key economic indicators and the evolution of emerging markets, to latest trends in timber building and biomass energy. And with speakers from all key producer and consumer regions, it promises a comprehensive current global snapshot of the sector, plus expert outlook.  

The event, which takes place from November 4 to 6 in Amsterdam, is co-organised by the European Organisation of Sawmillers and European Timber Trade Federation, with the Netherlands Timber Trade Association (NTTA) as national hosts. The presentations, discussions and workshops tackle topics along the softwood supply chain; from timber sourcing, to the sharp end of sales into the wider marketplace.

As a taster of the content, some of the presenters were asked to summarise the present state of trade. The consensus is that most of the softwood industry has emerged from the worst of the economic crisis.  But recovery is uneven and certain markets face new pressures.

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