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A tool like a “REAL-TIME EUROPEAN FOREST MONITORING SYSTEM” represents the essential element to develop a European Forestry Strategy. This instrument will allow the wood processing industries to remain competitive and assure best performance in the context of a circular and sustainable Green Economy. At the same time, this tool will be beneficial to guarantee healthy and resilient ecosystems. Climatic factors, abiotic and biotic disturbances have a direct impact on forests, on the functioning of forest ecosystems and consequently on the wood value chain.

The European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry welcomes the call to develop a Forest Information System for Europe published today in the framework of the 2030 Biodiversity Strategy

Overall, between 2017 and 2019, it has been estimated that over 270 million m3 of standing timber in Central Europe has been damaged by a combination of factors, primarily driven by changing climate conditions featuring hotter, drier summers and warmer winters. (Source: Forest Economic Advisors Report “Central Europe Beetle & Windstorm Timber Distaster: Outlook to 2030”.)

Copy of the Press Release is available HERE.